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1/5/10 - Howdy! Happy New Year to y'all! There's plenty of news to bring to you guys today. We have the Prehistoric Fish Tee's in! They are on sale for $15, so please find a band member to order yours now! We have our full-length album back on the tracks, we are recording this weekend with the idea in mind that we can release it before the end of Spring! This will be a huge event for us to release our first full-length album and put it out on the market! Our new songs as well as old songs have given hard rock, ska, pop, screamo, techno, southern rock, orchestral, and alternative styles to our utility. This record will be the epitomy of our love for music. The blessings we have in our band to be able to produce so many styles are so overwhelming and amazing. It's a great feeling to be so free to what our hearts desire.
                  We have new shows up on our shows and concerts page, so please check it out! We will be playing all-new songs going on the new record, older songs from previous shows, and songs from 'Genesis', so be prepared for shows to have some great new sounds! We have been so happy to get new equipment and technology to make our live show even more memorable! Come to the show to check it out!
                  Finally, we would like to make a huge announcement: since losing our bass player, we have been blessed to add JJ Wolz to our team. JJ was the bassist for our good friends Eyes For Audio up until their breakup this past fall. JJ has been given free creative range with us and the sounds he brings to us is so sweet with not only his bass playing, but in his songwriting and backup vocals, as well as lead vocals in one song!
                 Whelightbreaks is pleased to say that we are in the greatest point of our musical career, and can't wait to see you at the show! Please come out, sing along, tap your toes, buy a t-shirt, and hang out with us! We'd love to get to know you! See ya at the show!

12/1/09 - Hey everybody! New news! The Prehistoric Fish Tee has been ordered! look for them at shows soon! We have some sad news to share. Our friend, Mike, has decided to leave the band and take his musical career in a new direction. Give him your prayers for success and happiness in the future. The Full-length CD is still in works, and has been put on a short break so we can play some more shows and see how much you guys all dig our new music! We can't wait to share these tunes with you! Finally, check our Shows and Concerts page and see the upcoming shows! Can't wait to see you there!

10/1/09 - What's up guys! It's been a while since the last post so let me catch you up on a lot of things: First off, we were able to release our first CD, Genesis EP, on September 5th. The records are on sale for $5 from any band member and soon to be on iTunes! Also, We've been playing shows non-stop for the past few weeks and with a break finally in our presence we have time to work on new material and make our show even more exciting! We currently have 2 songs in the progressive stages and one which is now in our arsenal of music entitled 'The Connecting Interstate'. We are so excited to play this one for you and cant wait to get out there and put a show on! Finally, we are in the pre-stages of recording our full-length album. The title isn't yet to be announced, but we're very excited to put our music out there for the world to hear! Thanks for checking in guys and we'll see you at teh shows!

8/17/09 - Hey everybody! Great news: the EP is finally finished! We have finished mixing and mastering the 'Genesis EP'. We are planning on printing and releasing the CD within the next few weeks. Also, we'd like to say something about one of our closest friends: the guys from Eyes For Audio. Due to a family move, the lead singer of the band, Caleb, is moving to Virginia. This leads to the forced break-up of the band. They will be having Caleb's going-away show at Westside Church on saturday, August 29th. WLB will be opening first with Ben Shafer going second and the night will be finished off with Eyes For Audio's final show. We would love to see you there showing some love for my boy Caleb and the rest of the band. Check back later!

7/4/09 - Hey guys! Here's a video from yesterday's recording session! Click here to view it! Enjoy!


All Pictures Taken By Chloe Eckberg