Our Band History

 What's Up Friends! We're Whenlightbreaks, an Omaha-based rock band with a passion for music. My name is Kevin, I sing, play guitar, and write songs for the band. My best friend Mitchel is part of ths too. He's the only true electric player as well as another songwriter. He's got a real love for doing all of this with me, it was really a lot of his idea to do this sort of thing after we wanted to start a second band together. He's pretty much like my brother. JJ, our new Bass player, backup singer, and thrid songwriter is one of our most creative minds. He takes ideas and forms them into his own, adding depth, and power into the songs. Our man at the keyboards, tasty-bits, and third backup-vocalist is named David. He's an awesome guy with some major classical skills, and can tear a piano apart! Our drummer Taylor is the youngest part of our group. With his insane set, he's a crazy drummer with a lot of energy and variety in his drumming ability.

 It seems like we got put together at a perfect time to do what we love. Let me tell you a little about our past. We began as a different five-piece with a few guys that moved, couldn't really be part of a band, or just wanted to get out. So we started over. Mitch and I were the only one's left as we searched for our new drummer. We were able to get Taylor into this within a short while. Soon after, our bassist quit. Then David was put into the band when we as a group decided we wanted some keyboards in the mix. After the second bassist left the band to begin a career in a different style, we added JJ as our new bass player and backup singer.

 We started playing at a small church in Elkhorn, Nebraska with the original five-piece, leading worship for their youth group, which was when most of our member changes occured. After a few months we got asked to lead worship for a larger youth group called K-Life in Omaha. We love leading worship for them and seeing what is worked in the lives of our youth. We tried recording some music live during our very first concert, and it worked, so we used that as demo music on our myspace. We love doing all of this, even the boring parts (such as E-mailing our booking agent to figure out when were playing) and want to do what we can to change this world for the better. Now we're complete and ready to go with this band to change what this world has become. In the words of Jon Foreman, "I want to sing a song that will continue long after we're gone". The goal is to repair our world that's not the way that it could or should be. We want to break down the barrier that separates life the way it is and life the way it should be and turn this world upside down. And that, my friends, is what being in this business is all about, so thank you for listening, and I hope we get to meet in the very near future!